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Saturday, November 2, 2019

The "Next" button, or any phrase along those lines, is pretty much an archaic practice at this point in creating user-centric app flows and design. Yes, there are situations where it is still relevant and necessary. But too often it is present for users to interact with unnecessarily. Cognitive load of users nowadays appears to be getting less and more demanding by the day (unfortunately). Let's take a look at 2 extremely common examples that debunks this common practice that is still implemented today unfortunately, as well as when it is appropriate to use.

For Verification

When a user is prompted to input any sort of verification code (numerical), it is important for app teams to realize that the output is binary. The code is either correct or incorrect. In these cases, a Next button should not be used and is unnecessary. Once all of the correct values have been put into place, the application should automatically direct the user to the next screen that belongs to a successful verification. Otherwise, an error message should appear that requires the user to revalidate their input. This keeps the user flow very smooth and interrupted by the presence of a button. This example is best depicted by Apple's iOS two-factor verification method.

For Single Selections

If the user is prompted to choose a single option, out of a variety of choices, the application to react at that point. This is similar to the previous example, the output is once again binary. The user either selected something, or the user didn't. Hence, once the user chose an option, the application to respond progressively and the flow should move right along. In this case, probably an on-boarding process or survey of a sort (selecting gender, choosing ethnicity, etc.), we want to keep the process as smooth and fast as possible. A great example of a platform that does this is Typeform as well as Lifesum.

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