Nothing drives great
work like passion.

We live, breathe, and flourish when it comes to thinking design. We’re super passionate about it and find it incredibly fun. Other agencies design by working hard. We design by playing harder.

The Creative Bolt Modus Operandi

The secret sauce. Our proprietary process is unmatched in the agency world. It takes deep insights and hours of research regarding your market, competitors, and products, and transforms it into an executable platform. And its all done for a fraction of the price and time.


2020 MUSE Creative Award Winners in Six Categories

We’re proud to say that our team has won six awards in six different categories for the 2020 MUSE Creative Awards.

Investors and customers love prototypes.

There is nothing quite like a prototype. It’s something that investors and customers can hold in their hands, use, give feedback on, and even fall in love with. Showing is always more impressive than telling.

Sunshine, pina coladas, and rooftop lounges.

We love what we do. There isn’t much to say on this but just that. Our team members are located in Los Angeles, Irvine, and New York CIty. We work flexibly and around the clock, making your projects move faster than ever.

Join Our Family

When you work with us, our team is there for you even after the project is complete. Whether its iterations, new product scopes, features, or a totally new project. We’re in this together with you, for the long or short run!

Everything is 100% refundable.

Yes, no questions asked. What’s the catch? Nothing. We can provide such a convenience for you because we’re just that good. We’ve yet to have a single refund from any one of our clients. We know you’ll love our work and we really want to make sure you are getting the best value for your budget. You wouldn’t want to pay for food that you didn’t like. App design should be no different.